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21 March 2014

Mathematics Model Questions for PA/SA Exam

1. How long will Lucy have to wait before for her $2,500 invested at 6% earns $600 in simple interest?
(A)2 years
(B)3 years
(C)4 years
(D)5 years
(E)6 years

2. Grace has 16 jellybeans in her pocket. She has 8 red ones, 4 green ones, and 4 blue ones. What is the minimum number of jellybeans she must take out of her pocket to ensure that she has one of each color?

3. If r = 5 z then 15 z = 3 y, then r =
(B)2 y
(C)5 y
(D)10 y
(E)15 y

4. What is 35% of a number if 12 is 15% of a number?

5. A computer is on sale for $1600, which is a 20% discount off the regularpric(E)What is the regular price?

6. A car dealer sells a SUV for $39,000, which represents a 25% profit over the cost. What was the cost of the SUV to the dealer?

7. After having to pay increased income taxes this year, Edmond has to sell his BMW. Edmond bought the car for $49,000, but he sold it for a 20% loss. What
did Edmond sell the car for?

8. If Sam can do a job in 4 days that Lisa can do in 6 days and Tom can do in 2 days, how long would the job take if Sam, Lisa, and Tom worked together to
(A)0.8 days
(B)1.09 days
(C)1.23 days
(D)1.65 days
(E)1.97 days

9. Find 0.12 ÷12

10. If 6 is 24% of a number, what is 40% of the same number?

11. Which of the following numbers could be described in the following way: an integer that is a natural, rational and whole number?
(E)none of the above

12. Find the mode of the following list of numbers: 2, 4, 6, 4, 8, 2, 9, 4, 3, 8

13. In the fraction 3/x, x may not be substituted by which of the following sets?
(A){1, 2, 4}
(C){1, 3, 7}
(D){0, 10, 20}
(E){1.8, 4.3}

14. Sarah needs to make a cake and some cookies. The cake requires 3/8 cup of sugar and the cookies require 3/5 cup of sugar. Sarah has 15/16 cups of
sugar. Does she have enough sugar, or how much more does she need?
(A)She has enough sugar.
(B)She needs 1/8 of a cup of sugar.
(C)She needs 3/80 of a cup of sugar.
(D)She needs 4/19 of a cup of sugar.
(E)She needs 1/9 of a cup of sugar.

15. At a company fish fry, 1/2 in attendance are employees. Employees' spouses are 1/3 of the attendace. What is the percentage of the people in attendance who are not employees or employee spouses?

16. If 8x + 5x + 2x + 4x = 114, the 5x + 3 =
(A) 12
(B) 25
(C) 33
(D) 47
(E) 86

17. There are 8 ounces in a ½ poun(D)How many ounces are in 7 3/4 lbs?
(A)12 ounces
(B)86 ounces
(C)119 ounces
(D)124 ounces
(E)138 ounces

18. If the value of x and y in the fraction XZ/Y are both tripled, how does the value of the fraction change?
(A)increases by half
(B)decreases by half
(E)remains the same

19. What is the next number in the following pattern? 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, ___

20. Of the following units which would be more likely used to measure the amount of water in a bathtub?

(Comment if there is mistake with any questions)

1. C 2. D 3. A 4. C 5. C 6. B 7. E 8. B 9. D 10. B 11. B 12. C 13. D 14. C 15. B 16. C 17. D 18. E 19. E 20. B 21. D 22. B 23. C 24. A 25. E

Source : http://www.currentaffairs4examz.com/

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