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5 October 2012


(EVIDENCE ACT 1872 QN 100-120)

101.    Maxim omnia proesumuntur rite esse acta means

a)            All the acts are presumed to be wrongly done
b)            All the acts are presumed to be rightly done
c)            Both the A and B
d)            Neither A nor B                                                                                            Ans:a

102.    A photograph of an original is of its contents though two have been compared, if it is proved that thing photographed was original-

            a)         Secondary evidence                                   b)         Primary evidence
            c)         Primary and Secondary evidence                        d0        Oral evidence           Ans:a(63)

103.    If digital signature of any subscriber is alleged to have been affixed to an electronic record, fact must be proved-

a)            That such digital signature is original signature
b)            That such signature is original
c)            That signature is no digital
d)            That signature is digital                                                                              Ans:a(73A)

104.    These documents are public documents

a)            Documents forming the acts or records of acts of the sovereign authority
b)            Documents forming the acts or records of acts of official bodies
c)            Documents forming the act, records of acts of tribunals
d)            All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(74)

105.    Private documents are given

            a)         In section 72                                     b)         In section 73
            c)         In secion 74                                      d)         In section 75                         Ans:d

106.    Presumptions as to documents are given-

            a)         Secton 75 to 78                                b)         Section 78 to 81
            c)         Section 79 to 90                               d)         Section 81 to 84                   Ans:c

106.    The court shall presume that every document purporting to be a power of attorney and to have been executed before, and authenticate by

            a)         A Notary public                                
b)         Any court, Judge or Magistrate
            c)         Consul or Vice consul, or representative of the Central Government
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(85)

107.    Which of the following is not a secondary evidence?

a)            Copy prepared from original by mechanical process which has been compared with original.
b)            Copy prepared from original by mechanical process
c)            Oral evidence of a person about contents of document who has seen document
d)            Copy prepared from original and compared with it.                              Ans:c63)

108.    In which of the following cases no notice is required to be given to adverse pary before producing secondary documentary evidence?

a)            When original is destroyed
b)            When original is immovable
c)            When original is electronic record
d)            When original is in possession of adverse party                                               Ans:d(66)

109.    Secondary evidence of a document are-

a)            The copies made from with original
b)            The document itself produced for inspection of court
c)            Where a document is execute in counter part each counter part being executed by one, against executors
d)            Where a document is executed in several parts each part                  Ans:a(63)

110.    A document is said to be in handwriting of A that the document is produced from proper custody, If the document is purporting or proved to be years old the court may presume that is in A’s handwriting

a)         Thirty                                                  b)         Fifteen
c)         Twenty                                               d)         Twelve                       Ans:a(90)

111.    Section 90 A of Indian Evidence Act applies to-

a)         Testamentary documents              b)         Electronic records
c)         None of these                                   d)         Both the A&B           Ans:B

112.    Presumption as to electronic records ______years old
a)         Thirty                                                  b)         Twenty
c)         Ten                                                     d)         Five                            Ans:d(90a)

113.    Assuming that the document is more than thirty years old and comes from proper custody, there would be no presumption that contents of the same are true

a)            Mohinuddin Vs President , Municipal comity
b)            Shatala Vs. State of maharashtra
c)    Yunish alias Kariya Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh
d)    None of these                                                                                         Ans:a(90)

114.    Presumption of electronic records and signature defined in

            a)         Section 85b                                       b)         Section 85 a
            c)         Section 85 c                                      d)         None of these                       Ans:a

115.    The function of a court of justice is

a)            To ascertain the existence or non existence of certain facts
b)            To apply the substantive law to ascertained facts
c)            Declare the rights and liability of parties
d)            All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

116.    Evidence means

            a)         To show                                             b)         To show clearly
            c)         Ascertain                                           d)         Signify                                   Ans:b

117.    Oral testimony of a witness can be

            a)         Wholly reliable                                 b)         Wholy unreliable
            c)         Neither A nor B                                d)         Both the A and B                Ans:a

118.    Evidence under the Indian evidence act means and includes

            a)         Oral and documentary evidence or both             b)         Documentary evidence
c)         Primary and circumstantial evidence      d)         Primary evidence     Ans:a
  119.    The instruments by which the court is convinced of a fact is called

            a)         Document                                         b)         Evidence
            c)         Proof                                                  d)         Witness                                  Ans:b

120.    The power of comparison of handwriting of finger print under section 73 lies with

            a)         Investigating officer                                     b)         Court 
            c)         Either A or B                                     d)         None of the se                      Ans:a

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