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16 August 2012



1.         The Consumer protection act 1986 enacted in

            a)         15 Jun 2005                                                  b)         24 Oct 1986
            c)         24 Dec 1986                                                 d)         1 Jan 1986                Ans:c

2.         The Consumer protection act 1986 extends to

a)            The whole India
b)            The whole India except Nagaland tribal area,
c)            The whole India except Nagaland tribal area and Jammu and Kashmir
d)            The whole India except Jammu and Kashmir                                       Ans:d(1)

3.         Appropriate laboratory means a  laboratory or organization

a)            Recognized by Central Government
b)            Recognized by state government
c)            Both the above
d)         None of the above                                                                                       Ans:c(2a)

4.         Complainant means

a)            Consumer
b)            Any voluntary consumer association registered under the companies act 1956.
c)            The central govt or any state govt
d)            One or more consumer where there are numerous consumers having the same interest
e)            All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e(2b)

5.         Complaint means allegation in writing made by a complainant that

            a)         An unfair trade practice or restrictive trade practice has been adapted by any                    traders or service provider
            b)         The goods bought by him or agreed to be bought by him suffer from one or                      more defect
            c)         A traders or the service provider as the case may be has charged for the goods                or for the services mentioned in the complaint a price in excess of the price
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(2c)

6.         The following is not a consumer

            a)         The insurance company                            b)         A licensee to run a phone
            c)         A lottery ticket holder                                   d)         All the above             Ans:d

7.         The central consumer protection council shall consist of the following members

            a)         The minister in charge of consumer affairs in the central govt, who shall be                      its chairman
            b)         Such member of other official or non official members representing such                                     interest as may be prescribed.
            c)         The Chief justice of high court
            d)         Both A&B                                                                                                      Ans:d(4)

8.         The central council shall meet as and when necessary but at least ___ meeting of the council shall be held every year
            a)         One                                                                b)         Two
            c)         Three                                                              d)         Four                            Ans:a(5)

9.         Object of the central council is

a)            The right to be protected against the marketing of goods which are hazardous to life and property
b)            The right to informed about the quality , quantity, potency, purity, standard  and price of goods so as to protect  the consumer against unfair trade practices
c)            The right to be assured, wherever possible access to a variety of goods at competitive prices
d)            The right to heard and to be assured that consumer interests  will receive due consideration appropriate fora
e)            All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e(6)

10.       Members of state consumer protection council should not exceed

            a)         Two                                                                 b)         Five
            c)         Ten                                                                 d)         Three                          Ans:c(7)

11.       The chairman of the district consumer protection council is

            a)         District magistrate                                        b)         Collector of the District
            c)         MP of the district                                          d)         None of these           Ans:b(8a)

12.       Which one of the following know as Consumer disputes redressal  agency
            a)         District forum                                                            b)         State commission
            c)         National commission                                  d)         All the above             Ans:d(9)

13.       President of district forum is

a)            Collector of the district
b)            A person who are qualified as advocate
c)            A person who are qualified to be a district judge,
d)            None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(10)

14.       Mark the correct option relating to district forum

a)            It should have two member , one of whom shall be a woman
b)            Members age shall not be less than 35 years old
c)            Possess a bachelors of degree from recognized university
d)            Ten year knowledge and experience in dealing with problems relating to economics, law, commerce, accountancy, industry& public affairs
e)            All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e(10)

15.       The disqualification of the member is

            a)         Has been convicted and sentenced  to imprisonment for an offence which , in                the opinion of the state govt involves moral turpitude
            b)         Is an undercharged insolvent
            c)         Is of unsound mind
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(10)

16.       Every appointment of district forum shall be made by the state govt on the recommendation  of a selection committee consisting of the following

a)            President of the state commission shall be a chairman
b)            Secretary, law dept of the state shall be a member
c)            Secretary, incharge of dept dealing with consumer affair shall be a another member.
d)            All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(10)

17.       Who will working as president in case absence of the president of state commission
            a)         Governor                                                       b)         Chief minister
            c)         A sitting judge of High court                      d)         Chief justice of highcourt

18.       Mark the correct option

            a)         Every member of district forum shall hold office a term of 5 years or up to age                  65 years
            b)         The member of district forum shall eligible for reappointment for another term
            c)         Members of district forum may resign his office in writing addressed to state                     government
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(10)

19.       Jurisdiction of district for is rupees
            a)         Exceed twenty lac                                        b)         exceed 50 lac
            c)         Up to twenty lac                                            d)         twenty to fifty lac      Ans:c(11)

20.       The complaint shall ordinarily be decided within

a)            Twenty one days from the date on which the complaint was received
b)            Thirty days from the date on which the complaint was received
c)            Forty five days from the date on which the complaint was received
d)            No time limit                                                                                                  Ans:a(12)

21.       Where the complaint alleges a defect in the goods which cannot be determined without proper analysis or test of the goods, the sample of goods forwarded to appropriate laboratory for laboratory test.  Such types of case finding report within ______days
            a)         30                    b)         40                    c)         45        d)         60                    Ans:c(13)

22.       Every complaint shall be heard as expeditiously as possible and endeavour shall be made to decide the complaint within a period of ____from the date of receipt of notice by opposite party where the complaint does not require analysis or testing of commodities and within____, if it requires analysis or testing of commodities.

            a)         3 Months, 5 months                                    b)         45 days, 90 days
            c)         30 days, 90 days                              d)         None of these                       Ans:a(13)

23.       Provided that the minimum amount of sum so payable shall not be less than ____ of the value of such defective goods sold or services provided, as the case may be to such consumers.

            a)         Rs 25000/-                                         c)         10 %
            c)         5%                                                      d)         None of these                       Ans:c(13)

24.       Any person aggrieved by an order made by the District forum may prefer an appeal such order to the State commission within

            a)         60 days                                              b)         90 days
            c)         1 month                                             d)         Thirty days                             Ans:d(15)

25.       Any person prefer an appeal to state commission shall be deposited amount in prescribed manner

            a)         Fifty percent of that amount                       b)         Twenty five thousand rupees
            c)         Whichever is less of the above A&B        d)         None of these           Ans:c(15)

(Prepared by AB Kantharaja  Kodagu Dn, Karnataka, presently serving in APS (abkantharaja@blogspot.comabkantharaja@gmail.com mobile No 08969822340)

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