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2 July 2012



1.         A Candidate within the maximum age limit at the time of recruitment , but is over aged at the time of appointment

            a)         Cannot be appointed                                    b)         Can be appointed in service
            c)         Can be appointed after getting sanction     d)         None of these            Ans: d (10)

2.         Office establishment will not include

            b)         Non gazetted  servants engaged for clerical duties
            b)         Group D servant employed in service
            c)         Sweeper
            d)         All the above                                                                                                  Ans: c(11)

3.         Mark correct option
            a)         No person who has been dismissed for misconduct from any post may be                  employed
            b)         The paper showing result of enquiry into the character and antecedents  official         should be kept with their character sheets/ CR as the case may be
            c)         In the ED agents enquiry papers may be kept with their security bond
            d)         All the above                                                                                                  Ans: d(3)

4.         Re-employment of persons who resigned, absconded or were dismissed should
be made on special ground previous approval of the

            a)         Head of the circle                                          b)         Min of IT
            c)         DG Post                                                         d)         PMG                           Ans: c(3)

5.         Calculation the time spent on training for the purpose of confirmation leave other than casual leave must be
            a)         Included                                                          b)         Excluded
            c)         Cannot say                                                     d)         None of these            Ans: b(27b)

6.         Every important event in the official career of a gezetted Govt servant affecting his pay and other conditions of service e.g appointment, promotion, leave, retirement, removal, dismissal etc. should be notified in the
            a)         Memorandum                                                b)         DG Order
            c)         Gezette of India                                             d)         None of these            Ans: c(29)

7.         Notification made by the government of India are published in _____ and those by the _________ and _______and administrative offices in _________ of Gazette India

a)                 Part I section 2, DG, Head of the circle, Part III section I
b)                 DG order, Head of the circle, DG, Part II
c)                  Notification, DG, Head of the circle, Part II,
d)                 None of these                                                                                                Ans: a(29)

8.         Stamp vendors are in

            a)         Regular establishment                                  b)         Temporary establishment
            c)         Paid staff                                                        d)         None of these            Ans: a(31)
9.         The gradation list prepared in once in a _______ year on _________ by ______ in the form______________
a)                 Two, 1st Jan, DG Post, APP 43       b)         Three, 1st Jul, HOC, APP 43
c)         Five, 1st Jul , HOC, APP 44 d)         None of these                        And: c(32a)

10.       The time limit prescribed for representing against discrepancies in the gradation list

a)                 One month from the date of issue of the Gradation list
b)                 Three month from the date of issue of the Gradation list
c)                  One year from the date of issue of Gradation list
d)                 No time limit                                                                                                   Ans:c(32d)

11.       Appointment authority should keep gradation list of

a)                 Officials , appointments to whose post, if vacant, are made by him
b)                 Officials under control who are ordinarily liable for transfer by him
c)                  Officials qualified for promotion to a higher grade, appointment to which are made by him
d)                 All the above                                                                                      Ans: d(32b)

12.       When there are two are or more officials of the same name in a particular cadre, they should be
            a)         Change their name                           b)         Promote to different cadre
            c)         Distinguished by serial number       d)         None of these                        Ans: c(32c)

13.       No appeal against such alternative will lie to a higher authority unless it is submitted within the usual time limit of _______ from the date of communication

            a)         Three months                         b)         Six month
            c)         One year                                            d)         One month                             Ans:b(32d)

14.       Where recruitment made partly form departmental candidates and partly form outsider, the departmental candidates should always ____from the outsider in orde

            a)         Junior                                                  b)         Senior
            c)         Equal                                                  d)         None of these                        Ans: b(32e)

15.       All transfers, changes of HQ and special duties of gezetted officers should be communicated to the

            a)         Director General                               b)         Audit office
            c)         Head of the circle                              d)         Both A&B                               Ans:d(35)

16.       Transfer should generally be made in

            a)         May of each year                               b)         April of each year
            c)         Jan of each year                                d)         Mar of each year                   Ans:b(37a)

17.       An official should not be transferred from one unit to another, either within the same circle, or to another circle, unless he

a)         Permanent                                         b)         Temporary
c)         Quasi permanent                              d)         None of these                        Ans: a(38)

18.       Transfer of officials, who are not permanent in grade, may in deserving cases, be permitted with the personal approval of the 
            a)         Head of the circle                              b)         DG Post
            c)         Min of IT                                              d)         None of these                        Ans: a(38)

19.       Mark correct option
            a)         If an official transferred to an new unit on mutual exchange he will be take                                position of the person in the gradation list of the new unit with whom the official                      came on the mutual exchange  or would have been assigned to him  had be                   been originally recruited.
            b)         When a permanent official is transferred on his own request to another unit                 without on mutual exchange to another unit he will be rank junior in the                                gradation list of the new unit all official
            c)         The transfer of an official form one arm of service to another within or outside of                     circle can be allowed only with the personal approval of the Head of the circles.
            d)         If he old and new unit form part of a wider unit for the purpose of promotion to a                      higher cadre, the transferee will be retain his original seniority in the gradation
                        list of the wider unit
            e)         All the above                                                                                                  Ans:e(38)

20.       Charge report prepared in

            a)         ACG 67                                              b)         ACG 63
            c)         ACG 61                                              d)         ACG 40                                  Ans: c(43)

21.       An officer transferred may not, without urgent necessity or special orders of the Head of the circle, leave the station
a)                 Before the arrival of the permanent successor
b)                 After the arrival of the permanent successor
c)                  After completed his tenure  
d)                 None of these                                                                                                Ans: a(41)

22.       In the event of any disagreement between the relieved and the relieving officers, a reference should be made to the

            a)         SSP/SP                                             b)         PMG              
            c)         Head of the Circle                             d)         DG Post                                 Ans: c(47)

23.       Reports of transfer of charge of gezetted officer including Head of the circle and P&T Accountant should be sent by post (not telegraph) to the            
            a)         Next higher authority             b)         Audit officer concerned
            c)         DG Post                                             d)         All the above                          Ans: d(48)

24.       In the case of officiating promotion to vacancies of less than one month duration, the officiating arrangement should confine to all official working
            a)         In the same office                              b)         In the same station
            c)         In the same division                          d)         No specific limit                     Ans: b(50)

25.       The age limits for appointment to the post are to be followed

            a)         At tie time of recruitment                  b)         At the time of appointment
            c)         At the time of selection                     d)         None of these                        Ans:a

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