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1 June 2012


Q1. Casual leave is limited to a maximum of ----------- days in a calendar year by  department of  Post

Q2  The casual leave  can be granted  for  more than five days continuously  .
The above said statement  is

Q3 Casual leave need not be reported nor recorded in absentee statements, in service books or service rollsThe above said statement is

Q4  Mention the name of form for recording the casual leave
form Est.-50
Q5   Conversion of one kind  of leave into  leave of  different kind  in permissible  only  when -------------------
The official  while in service

Q5  If a Government servant  overstay of leave  without proper sanction  
Then whether the leave salary  is admissible or not for that period .

No Leave salary  is admissible for the entire period  of overstayal
Q6 How many days  can be taken  for Earned leave  at a time .

180 Days
Q7 How many days can be allowed as joining time for transfer within the same station.
One day 
Q8   Half pay leave  can be availed only with medical certificate
The above said statement

Q9   If  a  government servant  granted  commuted leave  and he quit services  voluntarily without returning to his duty . Then what is the action taken by  department ?

The commuted leave shall be  treated as  half pay leave and excess leave salary recovered .

Q10    What is meant by  LND

Leave Not  Due
Q11   In continuation of  maternity leave , the Leave Not Due may be granted   -----------medical  certificate

Q12   Mention the  main  factor for  granting Extraordinary leave

When  no other leave is admissible  
Q13  The paternity leave is allowed  for -------- days


Q14  In which  leave  may  not be combined for  paternity  leave ?
Casual Leave
Q15  What is the maximum period for  child care leave  ?

730 Days
 Q16 The LTC  can be  availed during   casual leave

The  above said statements  is    True
Q17   How many days is admissible as special casual leave in a year?

30 Days 
Q18   The  study  leave is granted  to  the government servant who have
Not Less than  --------- service 

Five  year’s
Q19   if the distance  between  the old and  new headquarters   then  how many days   is   permissible  as joining  time 

10  Days
Q20   Extension of  joining time  can be granted up to  maximum of ------days


Q1   Central Civil Services (Leave ) Rules come into force on the --------1st June 1972
Q2  Railway  servants are not under  CCS(leave) Rules The  above said  statement is True
Q3   As per CCS (leave) rules  what is the definition of    Administrator
Administrator of union territory
Q4    What  is called  by the employees  who may be declared ad  quasi permanent  under the central civil services (temporary service ) 1965?Quasi Permanent
Q5   Maximum number of earned leave for encashment is -------300 days 
Q6   The  limit of  number of days is increased from 240 days to 300 days from -----------
Q7 Leave can be claimed as of rightThe above said statement is False
Q8  Leave cannot  be claimed as of right . However the leave should not  ordinarily be denied during  -------------The last ten year of service of Government Servants 
Q9  Which pay commission  recommend to increase in ceiling on earned leave accumulation  from 180 days to 240 days ?Fourth Pay Commission
Q10   If   A is removed from service  and  reinstated on appeal of revision to the same post  then  whether the leave  his service prior to dismissal or removal is entitled to count or not
Yes , It will entitled to count for leave 
Q11 -------- leave  is not  recognized as leave under CCS(leave rules) and  shall not be  combined with any other kind of leave Casual Leave 
Q12   If a government servant recall from leave  , then  the Government Servant shall be entitled to  draw  ---------  under rules made in this behalf for the journey
Travelling allowance
Q13 The period  of  absence not covered by  grant of leave shall have to be treated as -------- Dies Non
Q14  The dies non  in respect of  willful absence from duty  is  treated for --------- , ---------- and ----------Increment, Leave and pension
Q15 As per CCS (CCA) rules   unauthorized absence from duty  or overstayal of leave even for one day  treating it as  misconduct The above said statement is True
Q16  Mention the equation /method to calculate leave/cash payment in lieu of leave
Cash equivalent=Pay admissible on the date of retirement + DA admissible /30 *  No of unutilized Earned Leave 
Q17  The authority  competent to grant leave may withheld whole or part of cash equivalent of earned leave due for retired employee . In which case the above said case  is mainly applicable ?Disciplinary or criminal proceeding are pending against retired employee
Q18 Maternity leave may be combined with leave of any other kind The above said statement is True
Q19  What is the maximum amount of study leave which may be granted to  government servant ?
Twelve Months at any one time and Twenty four months  in entire service
Q20   Who is the Competent authority for granting study leave?Ministry/Department of the Central Government , Administrator , Comptroller and audit General

 (Prepared by S Jayachandran, published by A B Kantharaja for more questions visit http://abkantharaja.blogspot.in)

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