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25 June 2012


(QNo 26-50)
26.       A general stock book (Form SK 1 ) must be kept in

            a)         Head office only                               b)         Sub office only
            b)         Store depot only                               d)         Every office                           Ans:d(272)

27.       Bags should not be entered in the general stock book in the offices which have been authorised by the ____to maintain the special form of stock register of bags ____

a)                 Superintendent , SK 2
b)                 Superintendent, SK1
c)                  Head of the Circle,  Form S.K.-1 (a)
d)                 None of these.                                                                                               Ans:c(272)

28.       Officers in charge of offices should prepare indents on the Depot, in form

a)         SK-2                                                   b)         SK-1(a)
            c)         SK-3                                                   d)         SK-4.                                    Ans:a(277)

29.       Indents for articles of stock are considered emergent indents should be submitted on

            a)         1st of the every month                     b)         Once in a quarter
            c)         Half yearly                                         d)         No fixed date                        Ans:d(277)

30.       Emergency indent should be prepared in

            a)         Single copy                                       b)         Duplicate
            c)         Triplicate                                            d)         Quadruplicate                       Ans:c(277)

31.       Mark the correct option

a)                 Not more than one indent for the same office should be submitted in a month

b)                 Superintendents prepare indents for the articles required for themselves and for their inspectors.

c)                  The indent for replacement of an article of stock which is lost or damaged through the fault of a postal official and the cost of which is recovered and credited to Government

d)                 Except in the case of a branch office, be sent by the post office concerned direct to the Stores Depot accompanied by a certificate from the head postmaster giving particulars of the credit of the cost of the article including the number and date of the authority for the recovery of the same

e)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e(278)

32.       Mark the correct option

a)                 Indents prepared by first class postmasters do not require countersignature and should be forwarded direct to the Depot
b)                 In the case of a mail line, the indent should be forwarded by the postmaster of the principal terminal office, whether it is a first class head office or not, to the Superintendent in charge of the line for countersignature
c)                  Both the A and B
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(279)

33.       Articles of stock indented for, the supply of which has been sanctioned by the Head of the Circle, will be received direct from the Depot, with an invoice

            a)         Form SK 4                                                     b)         Form SK 1(a)
            b)         Form SK 5                                                     c)         Form SK3                  Ans:c(282)

34.       The duplicate copy of the invoice (Form S. K.-3) should be duly receipted by the _______ and returned to the ______

a)                 Indenting officer, Circle office
b)                 Indenting officer, Audit office
c)                  Indenting officer, Divisional office
d)                 Indenting officer, Depot                                                                              Ans:d(283)

35.       The Head of the Circle must prescribe the ________ for which forms are to be supplied to each offices in the circle

            a)         Quarterly                                                        b)         Yearly
            c)         Two six monthly period                               d)         None of these           Ans:c(286)

35.       Mark the correct option

a)                 A copy of the Master Schedule of Forms will be supplied to the Stores/Stock Depot concerned for its guidance in supplying forms or in checking the indents
b)                 No alteration will be made in the Master Schedule without the previous sanction of the officer by whom it was supplied
c)                  The Master Schedule of Forms will, however, be thoroughly reviewed after every 5 years and the changes ordered during the intervening period will be incorporated, and the revised Master Schedule of Forms will be supplied to each office
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(288)

36.       An indent in Form SK 85 in duplicate will be placed direct on eh

            a)         Store depot                                                    b)         Circle office
            c)         Supplying agency                                       d)         None of these           Ans:c(289)

37.       The postal stores form and seals are supplied by

            a)         Postal store depot Calcutta                        b)         Postal store depot Nasik
            c)         Postal store depot Aligarh                          d)         All the above             Ans:d(292)

38.       The forms will be supplied to each office direct by the

            a)         Head office                                                   b)         Divisional office
            c)         Postal stock/store depot                              d)         None of these           Ans:c(296)

39.       Forms for the  branch post office will be supplied by the

            a)         Any SO                                                          b)         Their account office
            c)         Sub divisional office                                               d)         HO                              Ans:d(296)

40.     The supplies of forms by the Postal Stores/Stock Depots will be accompanied by
            a)         An acknowledgement                                 b)         Issue voucher
            c)         Two copies of invoice                                 d)         Deposit voucher       Ans:c(298)

41.       The bags, in which forms are received, should at once be returned to the Stock Depot

a)                 Filled with unserviceable article
b)                 Empty
c)                  Either A or B
d)                 No need to return                                                                                         Ans:c(299)

42.       Invoice of articles returned to the Depot (Form S.K.-3) should be prepared in

            a)         Single copy                                       b)         Duplicate
            c)         Triplicate                                            d)         Quadruplicate                       Ans:c(302)

43.       Every postmaster or record clerk, as the case may be, should at least once in every _______, count and examine the bags of his office and satisfy himself that they are correct and in once in serviceable condition and that bags of suitable sizes are kept in stock
            a)         Month                                                 b)         Quarter
            c)         Six month                                          d)         Year                                        Ans:b(313)

44.       Black and magenta stamping-ink will be supplied by the

            a)         Divisional office                               b)         Circle office
            c)         Stock depot                                       d)         None of these                      Ans:c(318)

45.       The hand bags supplied to

            a)         Sorting assistant                              b)         Mail guards
            c)         Van peons                                        d)         All the above                         Ans:d(382)

46.       Indents for stationery should ordinarily be submitted

            a)         Monthly                                              b)         Quarterly
            c)         Half yearly                                         d)         Yearly                                     Ans:b(371)

47.       Indent of stationery of form SK11 prepared in

            a)         Single copy                                       b)         Duplicate
            c)         Triplicate                                            d)         Quadruplicate                       Ans:b(372)

48.       Cost of stationery inspector and Asst Supdt of post office holding independent charge of sub division

            a)         Rs 100 pm                                         b)         Rs 200pm
            c)         Rs 500pm                                          d)         No limit                                   Ans:b

49.       Security bond of postal officials, duly endorsed by the Supdt or First Class postmaster should be kept by the ________ concerned

            a)         Post master of the Head post office          b)         Inspector of sub division
            c)         O/o Suptd                                                      d)         None of these           Ans:a

50.       SB passbooks relating to securities furnished by mail contactos should be kept in the safe custody of the _____which draw and disburse in subsidy

a)                 Head post office                               b)         SPOs
c)         SDI (P)                                               d)         None of these                       Ans:a

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