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20 May 2012


(Postal Manual Vol VI Part II Qn 26- 50)

26.       If a remitter of money order wants to stop its payment to the payee

a)                 Value of MO and commission paid will be refunded to him
b)                 Value of Mo will be refunded
c)                  No refund
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:b(71)

27.       Payment of a MO addressed to a place not served daily by postman will be

a)                 Made to the messenger as authorized by the payee in a letter given to the Postmaster of office of payment
b)                 Paid only to the payee
c)                  Kept in deposit for 7 days an returned for repayment to the remitter
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:a(30)

28.       Which of the following stamps are not impressed by the issuing office while MO are issued

            a)         The oblong MO stamp        
            b)         Name stamp in acknowledgement portion
            c)         The round MO stamp
            d)         Month and audit stamp                                                                               Ans:c(71)

29.       Which one of the following stamps are not impressed at the office of payment of MO
            a)         The oblong MO stamp        
            b)         Name stamp of office of payment
            c)         The round MO stamp
            d)         Ordinary MO stamp after payment of MO                                                Ans:b(7)

30.       Money order issued at BO will be

a)                 Will be numbered examined and issued at the account office as MO presented at the window
b)                 Forwarded to HO for further action
c)                  MOs cannot be booked at BO
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:b(16)

31.       The MOs for payment at the office of payment will be received from the

            a)         Delivery department                                    b)         The Postmaster
            c)         The regn department                       d)         Deposit department             Ans:c(22)

32.       Money order issued at the Pos will be dispatched

a)                 Along  with other unregistered mail of the PO
b)                 MO bundles will be made and the bundles dispatched along with labeled bundles of unregistered mails
c)                  Separate MO bundles will be prepared and transferred to registration PA for dispatch along with registered mails enclosed in R bags
d)                 Enclosed in separate bag and dispatched                                              Ans:c(21)

33.       If there is a discrepancy of Rs. 5/- in the value of MO as written in the MO form by the remitter and as advised by the office of payment

a)                 The payment should be withheld and a reference made to office of issue
b)                 The MO should be returned to office of issue
c)                  The amount entered by the remitter may be paid and irregularity reported to office of issue
d)                 The case is referred to HO/divisional supdt. for advice                         Ans:c(23)

34.       The MOs paid at BOs will be accounted for

            a)         At the accounts office                     b)         At the HOs along with its paid MOs
            c)         Separately at the Audit office        d)         None of these                       Ans:a(44)

35.       If a money order payable to a person whose identity is not known to the PO is received

a)                 It cannot be paid at window
b)                 It should be paid on proper identification b a person known to the PO
c)                  Should be returned to the sender
d)                 Can be redirected/dispersed as per written instruction of the person            Ans:b(33)

36.       If a MO is received payable to a minor

a)                 It can be paid to the minor if he is old enough to understand the nature of the transaction
b)                 When the minor is under years of discretion and is living with his parents, payment will be made to his parents on signing the MO on behalf of the minor
c)                  When the minor is under years of discretion and is not living with his parents, payment can be made to person in whose care the minor is living on getting an undertaking
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(34)

37.       When MOs are paid to departmental pensioner, a life certificate should be signed on the back of the acknowledgement portion of the MO form by

a)                 Near relatives  of the pensioner                b)         A gazetted officer
c)            Postman                                                        d)         MO clerk                    Ans:c(121)

38.       MO payable to lunatics who are committed by proceedings under the lunacy act to lunatic asylum/mental hospital will be paid to

a)                 The manager of institution
b)                 The authority who has issued the order under lunacy act
c)                  The near relatives of the lunatic
d)                 Will not be paid but returned to sender                                                    Ans:d(264)

39.       In case money order received for payment to a blind person

a)                 The provision as for payment of MOs to minors to be followed
b)                 Money order should not be paid but returned to remitter
c)                  The provisions as for payment of MOs to pardanishin woman to be followed
d)                 Provision for payment of MOs to illiterate payees should be observed

40.       Money order brought back toward unpaid MOs should be handed over to

            a)         The Postmaster                                b)         Treasurer
            c)         The MO clerk                                    d)         The sub account PA          Ans:b(266)

41.       When family allotment money order are paid

a)                 The MOs paid shall be listed along with other MOs
b)                 The MOs will be entered in separate journal and accounted for separately in the accounts
c)                  Will be entered in MO paid journals and the total entered in the ordinary journal
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(281)

42.       In the case of an inland MO, in which it is learnt that the payee has left India and his revised address, is known to the PO

a)                 The MO cannot be redirected but is should be returned to the remitter.
b)                 The MO can be redirected to payee in another foreign country as per the information available
c)                  The Mo can be redirected, but he difference in the commission of the redirected MO to a foreign country should be deducted in the original value of MO
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(59)

43.       If a VPMO in favour of the sender of a VP article is remaining unclaimed at the PO

a)                 The MO will be returned to the addressee of the VP article for repayment
b)                 The issuing postmaster will encash the VPMO as the remitter and credit to PO accounts
c)                  The VPMO will be treated as void and sent to audit office
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(61)

44.       The commission on MO can be refunded if the

a)                 MO is repaid to remitter
b)                 MO is wrongly returned back to remitter
c)                  The value of MO is defrauded
d)                 The commission in no case be refunded                                                            Ans:d(63)

45.       The period of currency period of Money order expire

a)                 With the close of last day of the month of issue
b)                 With the close of last day of the month following month of issue
c)                  Three months from the date of issue of MO
d)                 With the close of six months following the month of issue                  Ans:b(65)

46.             The remitter can be altered the office of payment of the payees address

a)         On payment of second commission        
b)         Without any fees
c)         Not permissible       
d)         Only can ask repayment to him                                                                 Ans:b(69)

47.       In sub offices where there are no treasurer cash for payment of MOs will be given to the Postmen by the

            a)         Sub Postmaster                                b)         Joint custodian
            c)         The MO clerk                                    d)         The head Postman              Ans:c((27)

48.       Memo of admission of payment is obtained

a)                 When duplicate money order are issued
b)                 When a money order is lost before payment
c)                  When a money order is lost after payment
d)                 When money order was paid to a person other than the payee.        Ans:c(75)

49.       All head and sub offices journal of money order paid are sent to audit

            a)         Daily                                                   b)         Weekly
            d)         Twice in the month                          d)         Monthly                                  Ans:c(83)

50.       The instances in which the MO receipt is treated as spoiled are when

a)                 There is an error in any of the entries requiring correction
b)                 When the receipt is disfigured due to spilling of ink etc
c)                  A receipt is inadvertently passed over and left blank and noticed at close of the day
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(12)

(Prepared by AB Kantharaja, Mobile 08969822340, http://abkantharaja.blogspot.in)

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