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5 May 2012



(Qn 1-25)
1.         Sunday and other post office holiday Night post office will be done
a)                 Booking of the Regd article, including VP article
b)                 Sell postage stamps
c)                  SB transaction only
d)                 Above A&B only                                                                                           Ans:d(2/1)

2.         Memorandum distribution of work ( MS-11) is issued by

            a)         Head Post Master                                        b)         Inspector of Post
            b)         Senior Supdt of post office                                    d)         Divisional Supdt      Ans:d(4)

3.         Mark the correct option

            a)         A nominal roll is a record of Postal Assistant actually at work in a post office on                any given day maintained in form MS-12
            b)         The nominal roll should be written up by the postmaster
            c)         A nominal roll on similar lines may also be maintained for postman and village                postman in offices where their strength is more than 25
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(4)

4.         Attendance register in form S-37 will maintained by

            a)         Every post office                                          b)         Only Head post office
            c)         Every PO having more than one clerk     d)         All the above             Ans:c(4a)

5.         Village sorting list in form M-52 will be prepared and supplied to each office by
            a)         Divisional Superintendent                         b)         Sub divisional inspector
            c)         Sub Post Master                                           d)         Head postmaster      Ans:b(5)

6.         A rout list in form M-53 is issued by______ to_________
            a)         Divisional Supdt  , Postman                        b)       Postmaster , Postman
            c)         Sub divisional inspector, village postman c)      None of these           Ans:c(5)

7.         The village sorting list once in a month should be examined by

            a)         Sub divisional inspector                             b)         Supdt of postoffice
            c)         Sub account assistant                                d)         Postmaster                Ans:c(5)

8.         The yearly village return MS-88 in the month of  ____ of  each year  should be kept by ______showing the number of articles of all sorts received for delivery in each village within the jurisdiction of the office . As soon as the compilation is over, it should be totaled, signed by__________and forwarded to __________.
a)                 Village postman, Mar,  sub divisional inspector ,  Supdt of post office
b)                 Accountant, Feb, postmaster, head of the circle
c)                  Sub account assistant, Feb, Postmaster, divisional inspector
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(6)

 9.         MO Oblong stamp and insurance stamp should be keep in custody of

            a)         Money order PA                                           b)         Parcel PA
            c)         Sub Account assistant                                d)         Postmaster                Ans:d(21)

10.       Head of the Circle’s circulars are ordinarily issued by head of the circle once in a
            a)         Year                                                                b)         Half year
            c)         Month                                                             c)         Quarter                       Ans:c(24)

11.       Any information received by the officer of the department officially should not be made public  but this restrictions are however not applicable to

            a)         Competent court of law                               b)         District magistrate
            c)         Commissioner of Police or District SP     d)         All the above             Ans:d(17)

12.       Leather cash bag should be used when the amount of currency notes exceeds Rs

            a)         5000                                                               b)         10000
            c)         500                                                                 d)         1000                           Ans:c(27)

13.       Preservation period of stack book of post office is

            a)         20 Years                                                        b)         10 Years
            c)         5 Year            s                                                          d)         3 Year            s                      Ans:b(25)

14.       Preservation period of Nominal Roll

            a)         10 Years                                                        b)         20 Years
            c)         30 Years                                                        d)         Permanent                Ans:d(25)

15.       The following records may not be destroyed without the special permission of the Head of the Circle

a)                 Post office order book
b)                 Register of undeliverable pass books in deposit in the head office
c)                  Post office certificate ledger
d)                 Correspondence regarding which enquiry in progress or connected with the cases which have not been fully decided or closed
e)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans: e(25)

16.       Mark the correct option remittances sent by post

            a)         When a remittance is to be sent by post, the money should be placed in                            Leather cash bag and cash sealed by treasure.
            b)         The remittance advice and acknowledgement dispatch inside of Regd bag.
            c)         When remittances is to be sent in charge of a special carrier, the amount                           should be made over to the carrier and he should be required to grant a receipt                for the same in treasurer cash book.
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(28)

17.       The loss of identity card should immediately be notified by ______in his ______
            a)         Postmaster, daily dairy                    b)         Inspector, daily dairy
            c)         Head of the circle, circular             d)         None of these                       Ans:c(32)

18.       The annual fee of business reply card should be realized in advance and credited  to

            a)         Postmaster Account                                    b)         UCP
            c)         UCR                                                   d)         None of these                       Ans:c(32)

19.       Mark the correct option relating to  the VP article found in letter box

            a)         The sorting clerk should after noting the irregularity in error book(MS-2) show                  the article to the PM and make it over to Regn/Parcel clerk
            b)         If the article is fully prepaid with postage, registration fee and VPP and is                          accompanied by the prescribed form duly filled up it should be disposed of as if               presented at the window
            c)         The receipt for the sender being handed over to sorting clerk and pasted him in               error book
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(33)

20.       ___________ must, from time to time examine the registers (MS-85) and visit books (MS-86) of the village postmen attached to his office

            a)         Head record officer                          b)         Inspector of post office
            c)         Postmaster                                        d)         None of these                       Ans:c(39)

21.       The memorandum and statistical register (MS 14 a) are  prepared by____ on the ____ and the statistical memorandum should be submitted to _____on the 10th of the each month counter signed by______

a)                 Postmaster, 1st of the each month, head of the circle, divisional inspector
b)                 MO PA, 1st of the each month, head of the circle, divisional inspector
c)                  Regn/Parcel PA, 1st of the each month, Head of the circle, postmaster
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:d(41)

22.       On the _____ of the each month a statement of cases pending at the end of the preceding month should be prepared by_____ in form______in duplicate by meant of carbonic paper, the top copy being retained for office record and the lower copy being submitted to the ____as the statement of complaint.

a)                 5th , divisional inspector, Cpt-3,  Head of the circle
b)                 1st , First class postmaster, Cpt-3, Supdt of post office
c)                  10th , HRO, Cpt3, Head of the circle
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:b(48)

23.       Suggestions complaint book (MS-94) will be kept by

            a)         Head Post officers                           b)         Sub Post offices
            c)         RMS officer                                       d)         All post officers                     Ans:d(48b)

24.       The book of information is maintained in ______ . The book should be kept up to date  and retained by _____ in his personal custody.

            a)         Each Head office, Postmaster       b)         Each branch officer, BPM
            c)         Each HO and SO, PM/SPM          d)         None of these                       Ans:c(48c)

25.       Service books and service rolls in  _______ the ________ is responsible for the safe custody

a)         Divisional office, SP                                    b)         Divisional office , SSP
c)         Head Offices, Head Post master   d)         None of these                       Ans:c(49)

(Prepared by AB Kantharaja, Mobile 08969822340, http://abkantharaja.blgospot.in)

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