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7 May 2012


(Postal Manual Volume VI Qn 26-50)

26.       When a VP article is delivered as ordinary registered article and the VP amount subsequently collected the amount should be taken to

a)                 MO issue and VPMO issued
b)                 To UCR and the amount paid to the sender charging under UCP
c)                  To UCR and VPMO issued by per-contra charge to UCP
d)                 Amount sent by service MO to the sender                                           Ans:c(227a)
27.       A VP articles on which intimation has been served an lying in the deposit for seven days can be retained

a)                 For further seven days without any fees
b)                 For further seven days on payment of fees
c)                  For fifteen days on payment of fees
d)                 Cannot be retained return to sender after 7 days                                  Ans:b(231)
28.       In case of refused/unclaimed VP articles the VPMO form should be

a)                 Returned back to sender
b)                 Destroyed
c)                  Filled in the office
d)                 Upper portion of MO form destroyed and lower portion with sender’s certificate to be filed                                                                                                            Ans:d(232)

29.       No redirection fee is charge on redirection of a parcel

a)                 If the revised address of the addressee is within the same delivery office
b)                 If the revised address of the addressee is within the same post town
c)                  If the parcel is returned to sender and if the sender resides in a different address within the delivery area of the office or within the same post town
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(189)

30.       The amount noted for remittance to sender of VP article

a)                 Can be altered free of cost at the request of the sender
b)                 Can be altered on payment of prescribed fee at the request of the sender
c)                  Can only recall the article
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:a(210)

31.       Postage stamps can be affixed to IPOs to made up broken amount on the condition

a)                 The no of stamp should not exceed 3
b)                 Amount should not exceed 4
c)                  Total value of IPO including the stamps affixed there in should not exceed 100
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(188)

32.       Unpaid postage abstract is a record in form______-which is to be maintained by every_____ and_______to record the _______of unpaid articles

a)                 MS-88, Account office, Circle account office, registered
b)                 ACG 45, Sub office and branch office, receipt
c)                  ACG 45 , Head office and sub office, receipt and dispatch
d)                 ACG 45, Account office, Head office, receipt and dispatch                 Ans:c

33.       To availing registered journals facility at least ____  regd articles has to be booked monthly

            a)         150                                                     b)         200
            c)         250                                                     d)         500                                         Ans:b

34        The sender of an inland regd article may obtain attested copy of the addressee’s receipt on application made to the Post office within_____ of the date on which the addressee signed the original receipt.

            a)         3 months                                           b)         4 months
            c)         6 months                                           d)         One year                                Ans:c(185)

35.       It will be ensured that the aggregate value of all the VP articles including article including customs duty articles entrusted to an EDDA does not exceed Rs ______

            a)         8000/-                                                 b)         5000/-
            c)         10000/-                                               d)         20000/-                                   Ans:a

36        Postmaster order book (MS-1) maintained in

a)         All sub offices                                   b)         All Branch offices
c)         All Head offices                                d)         All the above                         Ans:c(50)

37.       In PO  when duties of Pas are combined, the combination permissible is

            a)         Money order & Treasury                 b)         Sub account & mail
            c)         Delivery and Deposit                       d)         Delivery and mail                 Ans:d(4)\

38.       The customs duty due on letter/packets of the foreign letter/mail should be realized
a)                 And brought in to a separate head at the PO
b)                 In cash and credited under UCR
c)                  In cash and converted in to postage stamps affixed and defaced on receipts
d)                 Should be collected and sent to customs authorities directly              Ans:a(1(3))

39.       Business reply cards and envelops should be taxed

a)                 At the prepaid rate of postage
b)                 Twice the deficiency of the postage
c)                  At the prepaid rate of postage and handling charges.
d)                 At the twice the deficiency of postage and handling charges.                        Ans:c(32)

40.       If an insufficiently prepaid VP article is found in a letter box, it should be

a)                 Returned to sender
b)                 Booked in the normal course and postage due is collected from the addressee
c)                  Booked in the normal course as a registered article
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:a(33)

41.       Loose account bags containing cash bags will be in the personal custody of the

            a)         Postmaster/Sub postmaster                       b)         Sorting assistant
            c)         Sub Accounts assistant                              d)         Treasurer                   Ans:d(67)

42.       Transit bags means

a)                 Several bags intended for other offices received loose at the office
b)                 Bags to be kept in deposit at the office
c)                  Several bags intended to be dealt with the office enclosed in a bag addressed to the office
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(33)

43.       Redirection fee for redirecting parcels should be collected

a)                 In cash and credited in to account as such
b)                 In cash and credited under UCR head
c)                  Should be collected in the form of undefaced postage stamps
d)                 Should be affixed on the parcel in the form of postage stamps and defaced
44.       Notice of hours of Business for PO/RMS offices should be supplied by

            a)         Head Post master                            b)         Asst. Supd to PO
            c)         Postmaster General                        
            d)         Sr. Supdt of Pos/ Supdt. of Pos. of the division                                     Ans:d(5)

45.       Left India articles to be sent to RLO
            a)         At once                                              b)         One week
            c)         15 days                                              d)         One month                            Ans:a

46.       Time limit for requesting copy of address’s receipt of Regd articles

            a)         One month                                        b)         Two month
            c)         Three month                                     d)         Six month                              Ans:c

47.       Notice of hours business for Branch office will be supplied by

            a)         The Divisional Supdt.                     b)         The Head Postmaster
            c)         The account office                           d)         Sub divisional Inspector     Ans:d
48.       Postal mails superscribed in “ On India Government Service” received for delivery
a)                 Containing both name and address of the officer to be delivered redirected according to official designation
b)                 Containing only the name to be delivered according to name of the addressee
c)                  Postal mails not bearing the superscription “ On India government Service” but contain name and designation of the officer., to be delivered redirected according to name
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(10)

49.       A letter delivered to an addressee can be reposted within the post town for redirection
            a)         After getting redirection fee            b)         After getting 50% of redirection fee
            c)         After collecting  fee equal to postage       d)         Free of cost               Ans:d(71)
50.       When a VP article is redirected, intimation should be served to

            a)         Office of posting                               b)         The addressee
            c)         The sender                                        d)         The concerned RMS           Ans:a
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