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9 May 2012


(Postal Manual Volume VI Qn 51 to 75)

51.       Preliminary sorting of mails is done by

            a)         Mail Office                                         b)         Returned Letter Office
            c)         Post Office                                        d)         Head office                           Ans:c(84)

52.       The postman returns undelivered unpaid articles to

            a)         Treasurer                                           b)         Deposit PA
            c)         The Postmaster                                d)         Delivery PA                           Ans:c(123)

53.       An article bearing “OIGS” addressed to the officer of Central Govt Service bearing his name & designation is delivered to
            a)         Name                                                 b)         Designation
            c)         Incharge of the office                      d)         None of these                       Ans:b(101)

54.       To ascertain the punctual clearance of letter box, the postmaster

            a)         Post test letters                                 b)         Post trial Cards
            c)         Post test Cards                                 d)         All the above                         Ans:a(73)

55.       Delivery beat list are prepared by

            a)         Sub Divisional Head                       b)         Supdt of Post Office
            c)         Postmaster of concerned PO         d)         Head Postman of concerned beat

56.       Window delivery tickets are meant for receiving

a)                 Regd/Unregistered mail at the window of the PO
b)                 Fully prepaid unregistered mails for the addressee across the window
c)                  Fully prepaid unregistered mail in a locked bag
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:c(100)

57.       In case of inward unpaid foreign mails, the article can be taxed

            a)         By any post office                           
            b)         by only the Head Post office
            c)         By the office of exchange in India           
            d)         By the RMS office only       Ans:c(115)

58.       Accounts and branch office bags received in mail bags should be transferred to

            a)         The Sorting PA                                 b)         The sub account PA
            c)         The PM/SPM                                                d)         The treasurer                        Ans:d(106)

59.       The unpaid station bundle addressed to the office should be

a)                 Opened by the delivery PA                       
b)                 Taken by the Postman for delivery
c)                  Made over, unopened , by the delivery PA, to the Postmaster
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(108)

60.       The paid unregistered article to be transferred to the deposit department at the time of delivery will comprise

a)                 Article to be redirected
b)                 Articles to be deposited
c)                  Articles the addresses of which are not known/articles with undecipherable and incomplete addresses/articles with fictitious address
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(113)

61.       Particulars of window delivery ticket issued should be entered in

a)                 Postmaster Order book                  
b)                 Postmaster Daily dairy
c)                  Register of window delivery tickets(MS 23)
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:c(100)

62.       Window delivery ticket prepared in form

            a)         MS 23                                                 b)         MS 22
            c)         MS 24                                                 d)         MS 11                                     Ans:c(100)

63.       Post boxes and bags entitling the renders to receive delivery of all

a)                 Fully prepaid Parcels and VP parcels
b)                 Any letters
c)                  Fully prepaid unregistered letter, ILC, PC,
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:c(100)

64.       Beat instruction register prepared in form

            a)         MS 32                                                 b)         MS 31
            c)         MS 30                                                 d)         MS 24                                     Ans:a(102)

65.       Book of addresses instructions is maintained by

            a)         Deposit Assistant                             b)         Postmaster
            c)         Mail Assistant                                   d)         Sorting Assistant                  Ans:a(133)

66.       Undelivered acknowledgement cards are to be destroyed after

            a)         15 days                                              b)         One month
            c)         Three Months                                   d)         Four Months                         Ans:d(143)

67.       If an article issued by RLO either for deliver to the addressees or to return to the sender cannot be delivered

a)                 It may be redirected whenever the revised address of the addressee/sender is not known the PO
b)                 It should be again returned to RLO
c)                  It should be burnt
d)                 It should be sent to the HPO for safe custody                                        Ans:a(139)

68.       Undelivered packets containing Registered Newspaper return to sender

            a)         On the same day                              b)         After 7 days
            c)         After 15 days                                     d)         After one month                   Ans:b(143)
69.       Permanent instructions are valid for

            a)         One year                                            b)         Two years     
            c)         Three years                                       d)         Five years                              Ans:c(133)
70.       Instructions regarding authorizing Post Office to pay money order to another person are valid for

            a)         One year                                            b)         Two years     
            c)         Three years                                       d)         Five years                              Ans:c(133)
71.       If the addressee of ordinary article is not traceable and address of the sender is not noted on the article
a)                 The article is kept in office undelivered
b)                 The beat postman tries to find out the addressee once again
c)                  The deposit PA forward it RLO after passing remark in red ink after keeping in deposit for 7 days
d)                 The article may be destroyed with permission of Postmaster / Sub postmaster .

72.       An article for which notice of arrival has been tendered to the addressee, it

a)                 Can be redirected to a new address
b)                 Cannot be redirected to address elsewhere
c)                  Can be redirected on collection of specified fee
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:b(131)

73.       Unclaimed unregistered article marked ‘ Poste restante’ should be deposited of

            a)         Two months                                      b)         After 7 days
            c)         After 15 days                                     d)         After one month                   Ans:d(143)

74.       I class foreign inward mail on redirections are eligible for free redirection

            a)         Up to the new address                    b)         Within India
            c)         Not eligible for air transmission     d)         Cannot  be redirected         Ans:b(137)

75.       Instruction slip means

a)                 Letter of instruction received for public
b)                 Instruction given by the postmaster to his subordinates
c)                  A document in which gist of instruction in connection with delivery / redirection of postal article from public are communicated to departments
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(134)
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