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24 April 2012


(Postal Manual Volume V Qn 126-150)
126.    The maximum weight limit for a bag conveyed by the railway mail service is

            a)         28 Kg                                                  b)         30 Kg
            c)         14 Kg                                                  d)         37 Kg                                      Ans: d(135)

127.    The very purpose of posting trial cards will be defeated if the following columns are not properly filled in by the supervisor of the receiving unit

            a)         Column (1) & Column(2)                b)         Column (3) & Column(4)
            c)         Column (1) & Column(3)                d)         None of these                       Ans: a(139)

128.    The office of delivery after making necessary entries in the trial card received will return the trail card it by

            a)         Ordinary post as unregistered article
            b)         Keep it for its office record
            c)         Including it in a service cover addressed to the officer who posted it
            d)         Regd. Post duly enclosed in a service cover                                          Ans: c(139)

129.    Records of a PO or a mail office should be produced to a Police officer who is making an investigation in a cognizable case under CRPC

            a)         After getting the approval of Head of the circle
            b)         After approval of the divisional Head
            c)         After getting written order form the police concerned
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans: c(152)

130.    The addressee can be allowed to use facsimile impression for getting delivery of
            a)         Registered letter                               b)         Money order
            c)         Insured article                                   d)         None of these                       Ans: a(146)

131.    If any correction is made in the total of entries in regd. list

            a)         It should be attested by the initials Sorting Assistant concerned
            b)         It should be attested by the PM/SPM or Head sorting assistant
            c)         It should be destroyed and a fresh one prepared
            d)         It can be sent with corrections                                                                   Ans: c(90)

132.    The ascertained weight of the ins article noted against the entry in the regd /parcel list

            a)         Should be initialed by the PA/SA             b)         Initial is not necessary
            c)         Initialed by both PA & PM                          d)         None of these           Ans:a(97)

133.    While closing of insured bag the parcel sorting assistant should

            a)         Show all the insured parcel entered in the list to the HSA
            b)         Include all the Insured parcel entered in insured bag in the presence of the
            c)         Close the insured bag in the presence of the HSA
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(92)

134.    The Postal Index Number (PIN) must contain: -
(a)       5 digits                                   (b)       4 digits          
(c)        7 digits                                  (d)       6 digits                                               Ans:d(107)

135.    Minimum amount taxed on unpaid / insufficiently paid articles posted in post is: -

(a)       Re. 1/-                                    (b)       Rs. 2/-
(c)        Rs.5/-                                      (d)       Rs. 6/-                                                Ans: - (a)

136.    Undelivered Acknowledgements cards are to be destroyed after: -

(a)       15 days                                  (b)       1 month
(c)        4 months                               (d)       None of the above.                         Ans: - (c)

137.    Advertisement of products and services can be done through post office by using the
facility of _____ post.

a).        Business                              b).        Media 
c).        Direct                                      d)         None of these                                   Ans a

138.    Statement of half yearly weighment system  in form No M-105 of prepared in

            a)         Duplicate                               b)         Triplicate
            c)         Quadruplicate                       c)         None of these                                   Ans: c(234)

139.    A object for trace a bag or value payable or insured article mail during its course from the office of dispatch to the office of final destination is a

            a)         Complaint                              b)         Search Bill
            c)         Delivery note                                    d)         None of these                                   Ans:b(210)

140.    Mark correct option relating to robbery

            a)         When a robbery of the mail is committed on the high road, the postal official of                 whatever grade first receives information should be communicate to local police              and to his immediate superior.
            b)         The supdt of post should communicate this info to magistrate , the police and                   Head of the region/circle.
            c)         A inventory should be prepared in duplicate of recovered items of robbery.
            d)         At the close of the investigation the final report should be sent to Head of the
            e)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e(177)

141.    Mark the correct option related to submission of robbery report to DG Posts

a)         Case of highway robbery of mail involving loss of cash/valuables above Rs 50000
b)         The attacks on offices by dacoits causing injury to the staff/losses over  Rs50000
            c)         Cases of loss of damage to or tampering with ins article which the amount of                   compensation payable exceed Rs 10000
            d)         Cases of fraud and loss or misappropriation of public money exceeds Rs 50000
            e)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e(176)

142.    Rate of single post card is

            a)         0.25 paise                              b)         0.50 paise
            c)         0.75 paise                              d)         None of these                                   Ans: b

143.    Rate of reply post card is

a)         0.25 paise                              b)         0.50 paise
            c)         0.75 paise                              d)         Rs 1/-                                                  Ans: d

144.    Rate of printed post card is

a)         Rs 1                                        b)         Rs 2/-
            c)         Rs 5/-                                      d)         Rs 6/-                                                 Ans: d

145.    Rate of competition post card is

a)         Rs 10                                      b)         Rs 12/-
            c)         Rs 5/-                                      d)         Rs 6/-                                                 Ans: a

146.    Speed post of one India one rate up to 50 gm is Rs

            a)         12/-                                         b)         15
            c)         22                                            d)         25                                                        Ans: d

147.    Cost of VPMO form is

a)         0.25 paise                              b)         0.50 paise
            c)         0.75 paise                              d)         Rs 1/-                                                  Ans: a

148.    Aircraft mail divided into

            a)         Two category                        b)         Three category
            c)         Four category                       d)         Five category                                    Ans: d(142)

149.    UR letter in found office of deliver as unpaid should be charged Rs

            a)         1 & postage                           b)         2 & postage
            c)         5 & postage                           d)         None of these                                   Ans: c

150.    Duty is performed by officials after the prescribed term of duty is called

            a)         Extra duty                              b)         Essential duty
            c)         Over time duty                      d)         None of these                                   Ans: c(42)

 (Prepared by AB Kantharaja  Kodagu Dn, Karnataka, presently serving in APS (abkantharaja@gmail.com) mobile No 08969822340 visit http://abkantharaja.blogspot.in )

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