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21 April 2012


 (Postal Manual Volume V Qn 101-125)
101.    An unpaid letter addressed to a place of in foreign should be

            a)         Returned to sender                                     b)         Send to RLO
            c)         Forwarded to the office of exchange in separate bundle
            d)         None of these                                                                                          Ans: d(110a)

102.    Book of postmark used for taking the impression of round MO, oblong MO and unpaid  stamps should be kept

a)                 In the personal custody of the postmaster
b)                 In the custody of the Assistant Postmaster(Mails)
c)                  In the custody of Mails PA
d)                 In the custody of treasurer                                                                                     Ans:a(103)

103.    Insufficiently paid outward foreing letter can be taxed only by

            a)         Office of Posting                                          b)         Sorting PA of the office
            c)         Office of foreign exchange                                    d)         RMS office            Ans:c(110a)

104.    If an UR article is received in open and torn condition at the office of delivery,

            a)         Returned to RLO
            b)         Returned to the sender
            c)         Entrusted to postman for delivery enclosed in a protected cover
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans: c(114)

105.    At the office of delivery, an unregistered article of the letter mail addressed to more than on person is

            a)         Delivered to any one of the addresses
            b)         Returned to Sender
            c)         Delivered to any one of the addresses but in the order in which the name
                        appear on the cover
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(117)

106.    Sanction of ‘recall of article’ to return the article to the sender or to alter/correct the address will be issued by

            a)         Divisional Superindent                   b)         PMG
            c)         Sub divisional Head                                    d)         Head/Sub Postmaster     Ans: a(148)

107.    Weighment System bags are carried through

            a)         By bus                                                            b)         By train
            c)         By mail Runner                                            d)         None of these           Ans: b(226)

108.    If the Regd article is insufficiently paid , the difference of postage will be collected from

            a)         The addressee                                             b)         The sender
            c)         The regn counter PA of o/o booking        d)         PM of o/o booking    Ans: c(99)

109.    When the addressee of a damaged insured article refuses to take delivery

            a)         The article should be returned to the sender duly protected in a pro bag
            b)         Police complaint to be lodged
            c)         Reported to Divisional office for further order
            d)         Returned to RLO                                                                                          Ans: a(196)

110.    Facsimile impression of signature on an acknowledgement

            a)         Can be accepted                                          b)         Cannot be accepted
            c)         Discretion of the PM                                    d)         None of these           Ans:a(146)

111.    Due mail and sorting list a particular PO is issued by

            a)         The PM of the concerned PO                    b)         Sub divisional Inspector
            c)         The supdt of Post office concerned         d)         ASP                            Ans: c(136)

112.    If in course of transmission of parcel it is noticed that the parcel contains more than one written communication of the nature of a letter of having the character of  a personnel communication the parcel should be

            a)         Returned to sender with suitable remarks
            b)         Taxed as I class and sent to the destination
            c)         Endorsed ‘for open delivery’ and fwd to destination for arrangement  open
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans: c(88)

113.    Articles registered in a PO for delivery from the office itself should be

            a)         Entered in a station registered list and kept for following days delivery
            b)         Dispatched to the local RMS mail office for further delivery
            c)         Dispatched to HO for further disposal
            d)         The letter should not booked.                                                                    Ans: a(90)

114.    A direct parcel bag is to be closed a delivery PO where the number of Regd. Insured parcel is

            a)         Three or more                                               b)         Severn or more
            c)         Ten or more                                                   d)         Five or more              Ans: d(91)

115     Maintenance of insured check sheet by sorting mail office may be relaxed by

.           a)         The Supdt of RMS                                       b)         Head of the circle    
            c)         By the D section of the directorate            d)         None of these           Ans: b(96)

116.    In the case of redirected parcels on which redirection fee is recoverable from the addressee if any incorrect fee had been made entry

            a)         The parcel should be returned to the sender with remarks
            b)         The parcel Assistant who noticed the irregularity can make necessary
                        correction  and send the parcel for onward submission
            c)         The parcel assistant should bring the fact to the notice of the postmaster who                   should correct it under his initial
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans: c(99)

117.    Suspected cases of reuse of used stamps on the article received in transmission from BO should be reported to

            a)         The supdt of Post office                              b)         The Head Post offices
            c)         The sub divisional Inspector                      d)         None of these           Ans: c(99)

118.    Mark the correct option

a)         In case of inward Foreign article if postage stamps which are not cancelled by the o/o origin received, it should be cancelled by a thick stroke in ink.
            b)         UR articles of the letter mail posted bearing no postage stamp should be                           impressed on the back with the stamp
            c)         Late letters posted in RMS letter boxes on which a late fee has not been paid                   should be impressed on back with the ‘Detained – late fee not paid stamp’
            d)         In HOs the station articles of the letter mail received on which postage due                                   should be impressed on the back with the PMs unpaid stamp only
            e)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: e(107)

119.    Mark correct option

a)         If an article the regn of which is compulsory if found in a letter box after the closing of the counter, it should be kept in deposit till the office is next open for registration
            b)         Unpaid article addressed to officials of postal dept, it should be taxed with the                  postage in the usual way, treated as refused and sent to RLO.
c)         If an UR article found open in sorting should be protected by enclosing an envelope with a remarks written on a cover ‘ received open’ and dispatched to destination
            d)         The article posted in India having affixed with foreign postage should not be                    recognized in payment of postage or other postal charges.
            e)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: e(115)

120.    Unpaid and insufficiently paid article other than letter and postcard for foreign countries received in posting

            a)         Should be forwarded to RLO
            b)         Should be forwarded to the office of exchange .
            c)         Should be returned to the sender for delivery on recovery of an amount equal
                        to double the deficiency at inland rate
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans: c(110)

121.    Postcard manufactured privately which are either thicker or less flexible than the departmental inland postal card.

            a)         Should be allowed to pass unchallenged
            b)         Should be refused transmission
            c)         Should be returned to RLO
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans: a(112)

122.    Mark the correct option

a)         Any goods transmission through inland post is prohibited found in PO should be detained and an immediate report submitted to Head of the Circle/Region.
b)         If a leaky parcel is detected in a PO or transferred to it by a section or a mail office should be detained and a report should be made to the SPOs/Istclass PM for order
c)         If in a PO article being opened are found to contain opium or allied drugs should be made over its all contents to the nearest Excise officer for further proceeding
d)         Any article passing through the PO suspected that the article contain  any thing  is prohibited  by inland post should be forwarded in a cover and marked ‘doubtful’ addressed to the Postmaster of destination
e)         All the above                                                                                     Ans:e(122,123)

123.    Mark the correct option

a)         The due mail and sorting list for PO and mail offices in communication with offices         in more than one RMS Dn are prepared  and supplied by the Head of the circle
            b)         The due mail and sorting list for PO in direct communication with a mail office in                         one RMS Dn will be issued by the Supdt of RMS concerned
c)         Village sorting lists are prepared and supplied to Head, Sub and Branch office by Sub divisional Inspectors.
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(137)

124.    If an article is found franked by a person who is not entitled to the privilege

            a)         Returned to sender with remarks  b)         Article detained & Report to SPO
            c)         The frank should be ignored and the article should be taxed with the postage
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans: c(125)

125.    In the event of an error in a mail list and when a revised or corrected mail list  is received

            a)         The revised document can be kept safely in the correspondence file
            b)         The revised document can be substituted by removing the earlier one
            c)         Both the list s should be retained on record attached to each other a note being               added on the original
            d)         The error mail list should be returned to sender                                                Ans:c(128)

(Prepared by AB Kantharaja  Mobile No 08969822340, http://abkantharaja.blogspot.in )

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