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18 April 2012


( Postal Manual Vol V  Qn 76 to 100)

76.       Mark incorrect option

a)         Complaint and enquiries relating to foreign mail the postage stamp equivalent to the fee prescribed  is charged
            b)         The sender of foreign article should be written ‘RENVOI PAR AVION’(return by
                        air mail) for get back the acknowledge ment
            c)         Parcel shall not contain more than one written communication but this rule shall                         not apply to an official parcel.
            d)         All the above are correct                                                                             Ans:d

77.       The Postmaster or_______personal duties prescribed in this rule may, under the order of_________, be delegated to the _________, Assistant Postmaster, Supervisor or office supervisor of the _______ as the case may be.

            a)         Head Sorting Assistant , Head of the Circle, Deputy postmaster, office
            b)         Sorting assistant , Supdt of Rms, Deputy postmaster, office
            c)         Postal assistant , Head of the Circle, Deputy postmaster, office
            d)         Record officer , Head of the Circle, Deputy postmaster, office                        Ans: a

78.       In sorting Mail offices, the ______________should maintain___________showing the number of  _________articles received. ______________ will tick off these entries in check sheet.

            a)         Postmaster, abstract, insured, HPM
            b)         MO cleark, check sheet, MO, HSA/ Supervisor
            c)         Registration/parcel Sorting assistant, check sheet, insured, HSA/ Supervisor
            d)         Registration/parcel Sorting assistant, check sheet, MO, HSA/ Supervisor
                                                                                                                                                Ans: c

79.       The book of postmarks should be maintain

            a)         All Post office                                   b)         Mail office & Transit section
            c)         Record offie                                      d)         All the above                         Ans: d(103)

80.       The fact of cleaning of seals and stamps should every time be recorded in postmaster ____ in Head offices in the _________ in Sub offices in the__________of the HAS, the mail agent or the Record assistant which will be examined by the ____at the time of inspection

            a)         Daily a/c, Error book, dairy, inspecting officer
            b)         Order book, Error book, rough note, inspecting officer
            c)         Order book, dairy, rough note, postmaster         
            d)         Order book, Error book, dairy, inspecting officer                                    Ans: b

81        Article marked ‘By parcel post’ found in letter box

a)         The official detecting the irregularity should be make a not of it in his error book.
            b)         In POs the article should be transferred to the parcel assistant and treated and                 charged with postage as a registered parcel,
c)         In RMS, the article should be marked ‘found in letter box’ transferred to Parcel Sorting Assistant
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: d(116)

82.       OIGS/FOAS mean

            a)         On India Government Service / Free on active service
            b)         On insured guarantee service/ Free on acknowledge service
            c)         Any one of the above                      d)         None of these                       Ans: a

83.       Tin Seal used for closing

            a)         All insured bags                   b)         Heavy/large bags of letter/parcel mails.
            c)         All the above                         d)         None of these                                Ans: c(132)

84.       Mark correct option relating to limit of weigh of mails

            a)         The weight to be carried by mail runner on a man should not exceed 14 Kg
            b)         When it is carried by each  man should not exceed 28 Kg
            c)         When it is carried by trolley the weight of the parcel should not exceed 37  Kg
            d)         The weight of postal articles including parcel and cash to be carried by a
                        postman or village postman should not exceed 10 kg
            e)         All the above                                                                                              Ans: e)(135)

85.       Important irregularities to be reported by telegraph /fax

            a)         A due bag not received, or left behind
            b)         A due mail, regd or parcel list not received or received missent
            c)         A daily a/c, or SO Slip not received
            d)         Absence of mail carrie
            e)         All the above                                                                                              Ans: e)(144)

86.       The application for recall/redelivery of letter should be dispatch by

            a)         Regd Post                                         b)         ordinary
            c)         Speed Post                                       d)         Service Regd post               Ans: d(148)

87.       Application of recall of articles should be kept or record

            a)         two year (inland article), eighteen month(foreign articles)
            b)         one year (inland article), two year (foreign articles)
            c)         one year (inland article), eighteen month(foreign articles)
d)         Six month (inland article), twelve  month(foreign articles)                   Ans: c(148)

88.       Mark correct option

            a)         Director General’s circular  are issue once in a month
            b)         Each set of circulars should be kept in a guard book .
            c)         In sub offices circular are signed by SPM and other official also
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: d(149)

89.       Ordinary postage stamps, coins and other articles of valued found in letter boxes or on a counter the action taken by postmaster is

a)         When ordinary stamp are found in letter box will have been defaced and the entry          will be made in error book
b)         If unused Postcard other than private manufacture, empty envelope , stamp sheet            currency note found in letter box or counter its value credited to UCR.
            c)         In the RMS such items will be fwd to Record officer duly advised in daily report                The Record officer should transfer to local postmaster
            d)         Application received from public for the return of articles mentioned above the                 refund value should be submitted for order of HOD.
            e)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: e(154)

90.       Mark the correct option

a)         Half yearly enumeration returns will be submitted during the second week of the months of February and August of each ear 8th to 14th both day inclusive.
b)         An enumeration return must be made of the number of ordinary UR articles of the letter mail and UR parcel given out for delivery to Postman and window.
c)         All the above                                     d)         None of these                       Ans: c(155)

91.       Mark the correct option

a)         The camp bag booked as parcel will be sent by surface route and will be charged with the postage payable on a parcel weighting 10 Kg plus registration fee and incidental charges .
b)         The camp bag booked as letter mail will not be charge with any additional postage other than Registration fee.
            c)         The camp bag is due to be collected on any day including Sunday & Holiday.
            d)         All of these                                                                                                    Ans: d(159)

92.       Mark correct  option   related to preservation period

            a)         All records of mail department except due mail & sorting list 1 year
            b)         Book of post marks(MS 18) & Postman book (MS-27) 1 ½ year
            c)         Enumeration returns (MS-6) 2 years
            d)         All monthly statistical registers 3 years
            e)         All of the above                                                                                            Ans: e

93.       Mark correct option related to preservation period

            a)         Nominal roll cum attendance & destruction of record register is permanent
            b)         All records of registration and parcel dept except foreign article is 1 year
            c)         All records of registration and parcel dept related fo foreign articles is 1 ½ year
            d)         All records of MO is 1 ½ year, IPO 42 months, Book of MO receipt is 2 years
            e)         All the  above                                                                                                Ans:e)

94.       The cases of losses of mails due to Road accident, railways accident, air crash should always be reported to

            a)         Head of the Region                                     b)         Postmaster of HO
            c)         Sub divisional Head                                                d)         None of these           Ans:a(170)

95.       Cash & insured articles should not be dispatched through

            a)         MMS                                                               b)         Transit section
            c)         Sorting Section                                            d)         Weighment system  Ans d(227)

96.       The payment of weighment system is made to the railway authorities

            a)         Annually                                                        b)         Quarterly
            c)         Half Yearly                                                    d)         Monthly                      Ans: c(225)

97.       The payment of occasional dispatch is made to the Railway authorities

            a)         Annually                                                        b)         Quarterly
            c)         Half Yearly                                                    d)         Monthly                      Ans: b(226)

98.       Any irregularity that comes to the notice of Head of the office shall be entered in

            a)         Error book                                                      b)         Hand to Hand receipt
            c)         Office order book                                         d)         Book of postmark     Ans:a (145)

99.       The weight of mails that can be carried by a mail carrier in hilly area is

            a)         14 Kg                                                              b)         15 Kg
            c)         16 Kg                                                              d)         20 Kg                          Ans:b(135)

100.    An article addressed in a language not known to the office of posting should be sent to

            a)         RLO                                                                b)         Sender
            c)         RMS                                                               d)         Transcription center Ans:c(109)

(Prepared by AB Kantharaja  mobile No 08969822340, http://abkantharaja.blogspot.in )

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