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17 April 2012


51.       Transcription centre is a cell established in

            a)         All administrative offices                b)         All HOs          c)         All ROs                      d)         A sorting mail office situated at HQ of the circle or at any convenient sorting
                        office in the circle.                                                                                       Ans: d(12)

52.       The number of office exchange established by the dept of posts

            a)         5                                                          b)         4
            c)         6                                                          d)         3                                              Ans: b(13)

53.       The unit bag office will send its daily bag balance report to

            a)         The local HO                                     b)         The SPOs office
            c)         The SRM office                                d)         The district bag office          Ans:d(18a)

54.       The DBO is inspected by

            a)         The SRM                                           b)         The HRO
            c)         The SPOs                                          d)         The circle Bag office           Ans: d(18a)

55.       Each set of section will have

            a)         Different working hours                  b)         Different establishment                              c)            Different mail arrangements
            d)       Same working hours,same establishment and same mail arrangement 
Ans: d(21a)

56.       When there are no air articles for an airmail bag prescribed

            a)         A suitable remarks should be made in the delivery bill concerned
            b)         A bag with ‘Nil’ contents is to be closed
            c)         It is enough if a remark is made in the office record
            d)         None of the above                                                                                       Ans: a(28a)

57.       Mark correct option

a)         When the airmail bag contain less than 50 articles and there is no insured article            or air parcel an airmail cover of suitable size should be used instead of a bag
            b)         When an air parcel is sent inside of airmail bag  the label should bear “CAP”
            c)         The weight of airmail bag or TB should not exceed 30 KG weight.
            d)         Separate ins letter bag closed when more than 10 ins article for any office.
            e)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: e

58.       When an insured letter bag is prescribed as a due bag it should be

            a)         Dispatched inside the regd bag with remarks in the regd list.
            b)         Sent loose duly advised in the mail list
            c)         Sent duly included in the mail bag closed
            d)         Closed as a separate D bag                                                                       Ans: a(29)

59.       Mark the correct option

a)         Changing station is a Railway station is where the beats of two transit sections join and where the mails brought by one of them are handed over to the other
b)         A connecting station is an RMS section working in a train in immediate connection with another train in which another RMS section works
c)         Regn of newspaper, renewal or canceling any registration will be issued by Head of the department
d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: d

60.       The copies of the newspaper without prepayment will be handed over to window along with an invoice which should be

            a)         In triplicate                                         b)         In duplicate
            c)         In quadruplicate                               d          Single copy                           Ans: b(58a)

61.       The minimum limit  fixed for posting Regd. News paper without prepayment at a time for foreign destination is

            a)         500                                                     b)         200
            c)         100                                                     d)         100                                         Ans:d(58a)

62.       On checking the entries in the invoice (tendered along with the Regd. News paper without prepayment ) if there by any discrepancy noticed.

            a)         The posting should be refused     b)         The PM can use his discretion
            c)         The o/o posting should make the requisite correction under the initial of the HO
            d)         None of these                                                                                          Ans: c(58A)

63.       The payment due in connection with posting of Regd News paper without prepayment is to be made

            a)         Quarterly                                            b)         Monthly
            c)         Weekly                                               d)         fortnightly                              Ans:d(58a)

64.       The posting of the Regd. Newspaper without prepayment should be stopped and license deemed to be cancelled in the event of non payment of a bill

            a)         Within one week following the fortnight to which the bill relates.
            b)         Within one month following the fortnight to which the bill relates.
            c)         Within fortnight following the fortnight to which the bill relates.
            d)         None of these                                                                                         Ans: c(58A)

65.       Machine franked article can be posted not more than

            a)         Three offices                                                 b)         Two offices
            c)         only one office                                             d)         None of these           Ans b(58b)

66.       At the office of posting the officer responsible for seeing that the article have been franked in the prescribed manner and that systematic under payment is not going on is

            a)         The Inspector posts                                     b)         The counter PA
            c)         The Postmaster                                            d)         None of these           Ans:c(58b)

67.       Daily docket in the prescribed form is used by

a)         The licensee along with his last posting of franked article at the prescribed office
            b)         The supervisor of a mail office to submit his report to the divisional Head
            c)         The PRI(P) to send hi dairy to the SPOs
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans: a(58b)

68.       Whenever, owing to the unusual bulk mail for an office extra transit bags are closed

            a)         The word ‘extra bag’ should be written on the label
            b)         The number of extra transit bags closed should be entered in the mail list
            c)         Each extra transit bag closed should contain its separate mail list showing the
                        particulars of bags enclosed
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d (78)

69.       Mark correct option

            a)         The resetting of the credit meter of the franking machine will be done at the PO
            b)         Cut out labels with frank impression on them for prepayment of postage cannot   be used for insured articles
            c)         The 2nd class articles treated as 1st class mail in sorting are Greetins/ Regd             Newspapers/ Wedding invitations
            d)         The duty of taxing postage on foreign articles rest entirely with the office of           foreign exchange of the country of posting
            e)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: e)

70.       When a cash bag enclosed in a Regd. Bag is forwarded in a mail bag the symble                 to be written on label of the mail bag is

            a)         Cash bag                                           b)         F
            c)         C                                                         d)         A/C                                         Ans b(73)

71.       Mark correct option

            a)         Incharge of Head post office is Head  Post Master
            b)         Incharge of Sub post office is Sub Post Master
            c)         Incharge of Branch post office is Branch post master
            d)         Incharge of transit mail office is Mail agent/mail guard
            e)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans; e)

72.       Sub office is authorized to receive

            a)         Articles all kinds in sorting             b)         Fully pre-paid articles
            c)         Regd articles                                     d)         None of these                       Ans: a(11)

73.       Pre mailing activities are done at

            a)         Business Post centre                      b)         Press sorting office
            c)         Head post office                               d)         None of these                       Ans: b(15b)

74.       The head office is the main office of account

            a)         For itself                                             b)         For all SO kept under it
            c)         For all BO kept under it                   d)         All the above                         Ans: d(5)

75.       The post office seal for sealing the franking machine must be kept

            a)         In the personnel custody of  the PRI(P)
            b)         In the personnel custody of the Postmaster
            c)         In the Divisional office
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans:b(58c)
(Prepared by AB Kantharaja  Kodagu Dn, Karnataka, presently serving in APS (abkantharaja@gmail.com) mobile No 08969822340 visit http://abkantharaja.blogspot.in )

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