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7 April 2012


(PO Guide Part II Qn 21-40)
21.       Mark correct option related to bulk bag system under foreign post

            a)         Application for bulk bag facility should be made to Head of the circle
            b)         Special bags of printed newspaper to/from addressees/sender in foreign
                        countries  except ceylon, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan may be send.
c)Bulk bag may be sent either as unregistered or registered.
d)                 The sender of such bags will deposit the amount in cash or POSB certificate pledged to Head of the circle.
           e) All the above are correct                                                                          Ans: e(43)

22.       Mark correct option

            a)         A small packet should not exceed 1 Kg in weight.
            b)         Small packet exceeding 500 gm is subject to a delivery fee payable by the addressee at the time of delivery.
            c)         Small packet not conforming to the conditions will be returned to the sender and will be charged at double the deficiency for a rate applicable in the inland post.
            d)         All of the above are correct                                                                        Ans: d(44-49)

23.       The fee for a blind literature packet to be air lifted to a foreign county is

            a)         Air surcharge as applicable to letter post             b)         Free of charge
            c)         Air surcharge as applicable to printed paper      d)         None of above                                                                                                                                  Ans: c(55)

24.       Foreign post manual the terms L.C means

            a)         Letter card                                         b)         Letter category
            c)         Letters and Cards                            d)         None of these                       Ans: c(57)

25.       Foreign post manual the terms A.O means

            a)         Accounts office of the foreign country                 b)        Other subjects
            c)         Administrative office of the foreign country        d)         None of these Ans: c(57)

26.       In the foreign post for the purpose of fixing surcharges and combined charges all the countries and territories are divided into

            a)         Six groups                                         b)         Seven groups
            c)         Five groups                                       d)         Eight groups                         Ans: a(57)

27.       The aerogramme in foreign post is a category intended for transmission exclusively by air and the corresponding category in inland post is.

            a)         Inland letter card                              b)         Oblong envelope
            c)         No corresponding category            d)         None of the above               Ans: a(58)

28.       The min and max size permissible for folded aerogramme is

            a)         100 X 140 & 120 X 120                   b)         90 X 140 & 110 X 120
            c)         80 X 140 & 100 X 120                     d)         None of the above               Ans: b(58)

29.       An aerogramme should not weigh more than
            a)         3 gms                                                 b)         5 gms
            c)         10 gms                                               d)         None of the above               Ans: a(58)

30.       Mark correct option related to unpaid and insufficiently paid airmail articles

            a)         In case letters, cards and aerogrammes if postage paid least 75% of the surcharge(letter) or combined charge (PC& aerogramme)  will be forwarded and taxed double deficiency at the time of delivery.
            b)         In case postage paid less than 75% of the surcharge or combined charge the
                        article             will be dispatched through surface.
            c)         The charge collected from addressee at the time of delivery
            d)         All of the above are correct                                                                                    Ans: d(60)

31.       Compensation of letter and bulk bag of foreign articles are

            a)         220(60 gold francs) & 1110( 300 gold francs)
            b)         110(60 gold francs) & 1110( 300 gold francs)
            c)         200(60 gold francs) & 1000( 300 gold francs)
            d)         None of the above                                                                                       Ans: b(71)

32.       If an unpaid or under paid registered article under foreign post is tendered at the counter

            a)         I t cannot be registered and refused.
            b)         It can be registered with an note that the deficiency would be collected from
            c)         It has to be handed over to the PM for his disposal
            d)         None of the above                                                                                       Ans; a(66)

33.       No liability is also accepted for the loss of registered articles in the following cases

            a)         In circumstanced beyond the control.
            b)         When disposal of the article cannot be traced due to destruction of records in circumstances beyond the control
c)         If the item contained anything which is prohibited from transmission by post
d)         When sender has not made complaint within one year.
e)         All of the above                                                                                            Ans: e(71)

34.       The limit adopted in India for booking air insured letter is

            a)         20000                                                 b)         5000
            c)         10000                                                 d)         100000                                   Ans:c(77)

35.       Insured boxes dimensions and weight limit is

            a)         Max 200X200X100, min as per letter & 2 Kg
            a)         Max 300X200X100, min as per letter & 1 Kg
a)         Max 100X200X100, min as per letter & 4 Kg
a)         None of the above                                                                                       Ans: b(80)

36.       Under foreign post article containing perishable biological substances can be accepted for sending

            a)         At all Gazetted  Head post offices only
            b)         At all the GPOs situated at the HQ of the circle
            c)         At Indian council of Medical research, New Delhi
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans: c(88)

37.       Mark incorrect option related to international reply coupons

a)         Not more than 10 International reply coupon or 30 commonwealth reply coupon will be sold to any one individual at any time.
b)         The coupons can be exchanged in any country which is a member of the UPU
c)         Reply coupons are intended to enable senders to prepay for a reply.
d)         Reply coupons are free of cost                                                     Ans: d(89-90)

38.       Under foreign post the international parcel post service with Pakistan and India is carried based on

            a)         The UPU parcel post agreement.              b)         By-lateral agreement
            c)         A special bilateral agreement                    d)         None of the above   Ans: c(94)

39.       The min and max dimension of a foreign parcel prescribed is

            a)         100 X 140 &  1mtr X 2 mtr                           b)         90 X 140 &  1.5mtr X 2 mtr
            c)         90 X 140 &  1mtr X 2 mtr                             d)         None of the above   Ans: c(96)

40.       The general maximum limit of weight for a foreign parcel is

            a)         25 Kg                                                              b)         30 Kg
            c)         10 Kg                                                              d)         20 Kg                         Ans: d(97)

(Prepared by AB Kantharaja  Kodagu Dn, Karnataka, presently serving in APS (abkantharaja@blogspot.in)  email id abkantharaja@gmail.com Mobile No 08969822340 )

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